shaktipan nadabrahama


Nadabrahma system is a preamp microphone think for acoustic instruments especially for handpan, the quality of the sound reproduce the original sound of the instruments and all the range of frequencies. Nadabrahma is the future of the preamplification.

hi-end sound quality pure class A preamps with no feedback high S/N ratio very large bandwidth high dynamic range battery (9V) supplied for even more noise reduction and portable operations

Nadabrahma is completely handmade for this reason we will open soon a preorder list

The guarantee is: -into 2 years free replacement -after 2 years free assistance

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Here in the picture, the Nadabrahma's team illustrate to Adrian J. Portia the new system  


shaktipan nadabrahama

Graduated with full honours in classical percussion from the G.F Ghedini of Cuneo Conservatory, in drums from the NAM School with Tullio De Piscopo, from Soncino Percussion Academy and also the Ultimate Drum Experience in London. Successively, he dedicated himself to the study of percussions from every part of the world, including India, Turkey and the Middle East. Winner of two international drum and percussion competitions: World Drum Contest 2011 and Percfest 2012.


In March 2017 he performed as soloist in the TV show Italia’s Got Talent, getting a resounding success and standing ovation, acclaimed by the public and praised by the jury (from which he received the unanimous consent), including Claudio Bisio, Luciana Littizzetto, Nina Zilli and Frank Matano. His musical collaborations include: Andrea Braido (Mina, Vasco Rossi, etc.), Orchestra della Magna Grecia (as a soloist with the singer Simona Molinari), Antonio Marangolo, Clara Moroni (Vasco Rossi), Beppe Gambetta, Carlo Aonzo, Marlene Kuntz, Richard Barber, Max Manfredi, etc.

Loris Lombardo

shaktipan nadabrahama

Adrian J Portia is a professional drummer/percussionist based in Melbourne Australia.


Adrian started playing drums from the age of 10 and touring the country in his father's band at 12 years of age.

Performing every week he gained a lot of experience in his younger years, which helped him become the musician he is today. 

At the age of 19 Adrian was runner up in australia's best up and coming drummer competition, which led him to endorsement deals with premier drums, Sabian Cymbals and Vater Drumsticks. 

He has performed with many musicians over the years and is still an in demand musician in the melbourne music scene. 

About 7 years ago he started experimenting with different hand percussion and is continuing to explore world percussion instruments. 


Adrian J Portia

His love and desire to play a handpan began when he first saw a "hang" in 2008, although it wasn’t until august 2013 that he received his first handpan.

In this short time Adrian has been recognised internationally as one of the top players and educators on the instrument and has been travelling all over the world performing and teaching. He is widely known for his speed, control and command over the instrument and has been given the nickname "the hummingbird"

Having his own unique, versatile, percussive and melodic style, Adrian is dedicated to continue to develop in the craft of playing these amazing instruments. 

Adrian also plays in a duo named 'Pangaroos' with Melbourne based musician Jeremy Diffey. 

Pangaroos are a duo of musicians who defy classification - performing on a large array of instruments. 

Their music is meditative, groove-filled, acoustic, electronic, percussive and melodic. they bring their experience on woodwind, percussion and electronic instruments to create a soundscape that is unique and exciting.

He has performed his “HANDPAN & PERCUSSION CONCERT” in a number of theatres around Europe and has recorded twenty CD’s (one as a solo artist). Director and teacher at the Handpan and Percussions Academy, where he has also created the first course dedicated to the study of the handpan/hang. Loris holds handpan seminars throughout Europe, teaching his innovative approach to playing, a fusion of techniques and rhythms derived from various instruments from all over the world. In March 2017, he published his book, “Handpan Manuale Completo”, the first method in the world dedicated to the study of the handpan techniques. He writes articles for some of the best Italian drum and percussion magazines: DRUMSETMAG and PLANETDRUM and is sponsored by MEINL PERCUSSION, PEARL and HARDCASE TECHNOLOGIES.

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