Waiting List

Hi dear friends,

To have a Shakti Pan, you have to enter in the waiting list​.

To ask if it is open or close, please write me an email on "Contact" or directly on the FB page:  facebook.com/shaktipanhouse

You can choose between the scales i posted on the page on this website. (we can do additional notes on bottom)

Waiting period is normally around 3 or 4  months and you will have your own instrument.

We can ship or you can come pick up the Shakti Pan and meet me personally in Italy at my home.

                                                Shakti Pan team

Shakti Pan is a brand registered to Tonella Andrea - Via LivioPivano 5E/1 13817 Sordevolo (BI) - C.F. TNLNDR85E27A859J - P.iva 02506940028